Time Hacking Your Weekly Schedule

Recently the topic of time management has been on my mind. I want to showcase how I can attempt to balance all the key areas in my life. Also what a schedule looks like for a person that is running both a business and a “normal life”.

Let me break down my weekly checklist and how much time is required for each tasks.

Weekly Requirements

Work - 50 Hours

Church - 2 Hours

Perspectives Class - 3 Hours

Perspectives Homework - 2 Hours

Workout- 10 Hours

Drive Time - 9 Hours

Battle Warrior Podcast- 5 Hours

Battle Warrior Blog - 2 Hours

Website Blog- 1 Hour

Battle Warrior Research -1 Hour

Friends - 8 Hours

Cigar Time - 1 Hour

Meal Prep- 2 Hours

Grocery - 1 Hour

Sleep- 40 Hours

Shutdown-8 Hours

Nightly Prep- 7 Hours

Laundry- 2 Hours

Total Hours Used - 154

Total Weekly Hours -168

Weekly Game Plan (Write out on paper)

Create this action plan every Sunday night! Lastly insert some fun into the world, so if one day is off, then take care of the task the next day!

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